“I hope Time Travelers will inspire such future films.” – The Future Fire

running time 29 min.



Bend Film Festival

New Filmmakers

Radcon Sci-Fi Convention


TriCities International Fantastic Film Festival



When “chance” reunites two childhood friends and the past is dragged into the light, one tries to convince the other to take a pill that will enable them to travel through time. The result is a warping of perception for the characters… and a deconstruction of narrative for the audience. A lushly photographed work of micro-cinema that pays homage to a time-honored genre… while pushing its limits.Kind Words:It’s always good to see independent film makers trying out something new, even if it is with an old idea. There can’t be many ways to find a new twist on time travel, but it seems that Joe Christiana has found one. I guarantee you will not guess the twist in the tale. – Sci-Fi Online

“[Time Travelers] rewards the audience for paying attention… [It] shows that it’s possible to make an intelligent speculative fiction film without multi-million dollar budgets and advanced special effects… What I liked most about Time Travelers was the scope. This was an intimate story about a limited number of people. The consequences they face are dire, but they are dire to their inner circle, not to the world at large. There is no super villain to conquer and no butterfly to step on to change history. Telling the story on this smaller scale is what makes a film that mostly takes place in one living room work. Most of us have had conversations that have had a profound impact on our lives. We can empathize with these characters on that level. – Future Fire