Episode 23: From Low Brow to High Brow – Dysfunctional Family Films

Cutting Room Episode 23The moment has finally arrived! After a re-formatting transition that was tested by no less than the wrath of god (in the form of that power-robbing wench Sandy), we’re pleased to announce that we’ve emerged triumphant, like a gang of viking warriors. The spoils of our battle are here in the form of Episode 23, the first show in our new format. Check out our new duds!

We kick things off with our new release review of the 2011 comedy THIRTY MINUTES OR LESS. Tom introduces the film with a passion that Jenna calls “incendiary.” Indeed, our fearless leader comes out with guns a blazing. Look out!

Before we get to the heart of the matter, we have a talk with comedienne Helene Angley. Our little discussion covers liquid pearls, teen angst, interracial love, marital contempt and all sorts of other stuff.

Tom calls the shots this time around and he throws at us a couple of films involving ‘Dysfunctional Families’ (what better way to spend Thanksgiving?). We cover Robert Redford’s 1980 academy award-winning film, ORDINARY PEOPLE and Noah Baumbach’s indie darling, THE SQUID AND THE WHALE from 2005.

Speaking of THE SQUID AND THE WHALE, we’re privileged to have one of the co-stars of that film, actress Halley Feiffer, at our table. Halley gives us some insight into her career, what it was like working with the cast and crew of Squid, and she even shows off some pretty nifty footwork as she dodges some of Max’s more “intimate” questions.

This show is stuffed with goodies so grab a leg or a breast or whatever else turns you on, kick back, and chew the fat with The Cutting Room.

Gobble, gobble, gang.

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Halley Feiffer

Helene Angley

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The excerpted Halley Feiffer interview can be heard here.

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